Are 3D printed guns a threat?

Episode 1514 (21:10)

Louis from Hollywood, CA
3D Printed Gun

Louis is concerned about the so-called threat of 3D printed guns. Leo says that the worry about 3D printed guns is overblown. First, the plastic guns have to have one metal part by law. Second, it's always been legal to make your own gun, and enthusiasts have been milling guns for years. It's very expensive to do it, it's cheaper to just buy one. Hobbyists will find it interesting, but they aren't going to start the apocalypse. So it's much ado about nothing, really. It won't change the fundamental issues of gun ownership. Nor will it create a wave of people printing guns in their basement. It's really more a curiosity. Leo says that the press loves to pick up stories like this because technology causes people to panic when they aren't familiar with new things.

Image By NotLessOrEqual [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons