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Episode 1514 August 12, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Charles from Colleyville, TX Comments

Charles has a thousand MP3s and he has multiple copies of all the songs, which is annoying. Leo says that in the iTunes settings, he can tell it to manage his music. But since he already has an iTunes folder with duplicates, Leo recommends taking it off his hard drive (to a thumb drive) and then restart iTunes and select the option to let iTunes manage his music. Then he won't have to deal with duplicates. iTunes is a terrible program for syncing music, especially in Windows. Leo recommends DoubleTwist, or Media Monkey for Windows. It does the same thing.

Watch Louis from Hollywood, CA Comments

Louis is concerned about the so-called threat of 3D printed guns. Leo says that the worry about 3D printed guns is overblown. First, the plastic guns have to have one metal part by law. Second, it's always been legal to make your own gun, and enthusiasts have been milling guns for years. It's very expensive to do it, it's cheaper to just buy one. Hobbyists will find it interesting, but they aren't going to start the apocalypse. So it's much ado about nothing, really. It won't change the fundamental issues of gun ownership. Nor will it create a wave of people printing guns in their basement. It's really more a curiosity. Leo says that the press loves to pick up stories like this because technology causes people to panic when they aren't familiar with new things.

Image By NotLessOrEqual [CC0], from Wikimedia Commons

Watch Eric from Orange County, CA Comments

Eric cut the cable and wants to know if he can get programs off his old TiVo. Leo says in the first generation TiVos, he would be able to. But copy protection has locked down and encrypted that data. TIVO to Go was an option, but it was a very poor solution. There is one way to do it still, and that's the analog hole. Eric can connect his TIVO using the analog component jacks (red, white and yellow), but it will be standard definition.

From the chatroom - If he had a DISH Hopper, he could consult . But if he's killed the subscription, DISH has killed access.

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Watch Ron from Canoga Park, CA Comments

Ron has an old Motorola Moto Z and the battery is dying. He wants to upgrade to a new phone. What should he get? Leo says that the Motos are great and they've worked up to the G6. Leo says that line is fantastic for a budget line of phones. The camera is pretty darn good. The screen isn't the greatest, but it's good. Leo suggests the Moto G. And T-Mobile's Senior plan is pretty good at $70 for unlimited talk, text, and data for two lines.

Watch Don from San Pedro, CA Comments

Ron is going on a cruise soon and he wants to know if the Wi-Fi on the ship will be usable. Leo says it's always slow because satellite connections are slow, with a lot of latency, and on top of that, he'll be sharing bandwidth with 4,000 people. The best he can do is get up in the middle of the night and use it. The worst part is, it's also very expensive. But when he's in port, he'll have access to mobile data.

Watch Jim from San Diego, CA Comments

Marty wants to know if the Epson EcoTank printer is good enough for printing photos. Leo says it's not really designed for that. It's a business color printer. Epson makes excellent photo printers, but the EcoTank isn't designed for that.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Dean from Acton, CA Comments

Dean wants to buy his own router. TheWirecutter likes the Netgear CM500. Leo likes the ARRIS Surfboard. The key is to get a DOCSIS III modem. He'll also want to check with his ISP to see what modems they support. Most support these two main brands. But he'll also want to have a separate router and modem. Routers will change more often than the modem will because they wear out. He'll also want a router that will be updated regularly and automatically to keep him secure online.

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Watch Maurice from Clairmont, CA Comments

Maurice's Outlook contacts disappeared and now he can't send group emails. Leo says there could be a few things happening. Outlook's autocomplete is constantly looking at the contacts, and if it's missing, then it can't read them. If it's intact, then it should come out, including his group list. Carbonite will backup his data, but if the link between his contacts and the group list is broken, then that could be part of the problem. He should try and verify that his address book is there. If the address book is gone, then there is the problem. If the list is there, then he can back it up.

Leo also says that the autocomplete for lists may have been disabled. He can check this out by going to File > Options > Mail, and under "send messages" he should see if "use autocomplete to suggest names when typing" is checked. If it's not, then he should check it. It may have been disabled somehow. Here's a tech note from that may help.

This problem can become a tricky one quickly, and that is why Leo generally recommends an iPad or Chromebook instead of Windows.

Watch Carl from Savannah, GA Comments

Kyle wants to know what router is the fastest for the money. Leo says that Netgear Orbi is an excellent mesh system for someone looking for maximum speed. It has a 4GB ethernet as well. And for under 2000 feet, one is enough. Asus also has a good router for the hardcore hobbyist. Leo says what he really will want is an intelligent routing system, so it will delegate speed to the things he needs the most at that time. Since Kyle only needs to cover about 1500 square feet, Leo recommends just getting the Netgear Orbi base station for $129.