How can I watch YouTube on my TV?

Episode 1513 (16:03)

Fiona from Agoura, CA

Fiona bought a computer and wants to watch Youtube on her TV. Can she connect it? Leo says the first thing she'll need is internet. Fiona has tried to get internet but she's on a limited budget and AT&T doesn't want to give her the senior rate. Leo says that chances are, the rate for seniors won't really give her enough bandwidth to stream HD video. DSLExtreme would be a good option. Leo says that the problem is with AT&T. Even though the FCC requires competing internet access through DSL, they often cut the copper wires to prevent it. Leo recommends going with cable instead. She should avoid bundles and simply ask for basic internet. Leo says to file a complaint against AT&T with the Public Utilities Commission. That'll likely get their attention.

Once she has the internet, she can connect a Roku device and connect it between the internet and the TV. Then she can watch YouTube, Netflix, or anything else she wants.