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Watch Fiona from Agoura, CA Comments

Fiona bought a computer and wants to watch Youtube on her TV. Can she connect it? Leo says the first thing she'll need is internet. Fiona has tried to get internet but she's on a limited budget and AT&T doesn't want to give her the senior rate. Leo says that chances are, the rate for seniors won't really give her enough bandwidth to stream HD video. DSLExtreme would be a good option. Leo says that the problem is with AT&T. Even though the FCC requires competing internet access through DSL, they often cut the copper wires to prevent it. Leo recommends going with cable instead. She should avoid bundles and simply ask for basic internet. Leo says to file a complaint against AT&T with the Public Utilities Commission. That'll likely get their attention.

Once she has the internet, she can connect a Roku device and connect it between the internet and the TV. Then she can watch YouTube, Netflix, or anything else she wants.

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Watch Larry from El Cajon, CA Comments

Larry bought a used TV and the audio doesn't work on one channel, except for commercials! Leo says that could be due to secondary audio programming (SAP). The channel may not support that. He should try turning that off. He should try using some headphones and see if they work. If he can hear the channel, it's clearly something wrong with the audio processing on the TV, or with the speaker setup. He should set up mono sound and see if that works.

There's also apparently an issue with Cox that others have discussed at here.

Watch Don from Rhode Island Comments

Don wants to know if buying a refurbished iPad is OK. Leo says if it's from the manufacturer, then yes. Especially with Apple, who won't sell something unless it's perfect. And odds are, the refurbished item is simply a model that has been returned. It'll also have a new warranty as well. But Leo says he may want to wait a few weeks because Apple is about to announce new iPads and iPhones for the fall holiday shopping season. That will mean the current models will drop in price. And 64GB is plenty for internal storage.

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Watch Danny from Texas Comments

Danny wants to know if he can rename his phone on his Asus router. Leo says he can, but it's not obvious how. In Android, it's in the Bluetooth settings. Modern routers have the ability to assign devices to a person.

What new router would Leo recommend for under $300? Leo recommends going to for their recommendation. Their current favorite is the Netgear R7000P Nighthawk. The TP-Link Archer Wi-Fi router is a good one as well, and Leo likes routers from Synology too.

Watch Richard from West Los Angeles, CA Comments

Richard wants to know if there's an app to call 800 numbers while overseas. Leo says that any app that lets him call phones will work. He'll need an app that supports SIP clients. Skype would if he has a Skype Out account, and that would require putting down a credit of $10 to enable it. He can find out more about that at here. He could also use Viber.

Watch Peter from San Diego, CA Comments

Peter needs to send faxes but his phone connection is too far away to use his office jet. Leo says that most printers are wireless. So he could connect it to his phone line and have access to the printer through his laptop. Leo says just to get a really long phone line and plug it in when he needs it. When he doesn't need it, he can just wrap it up and put it away. That'll be easier for Peter.

Another option is to use a service called eFax, an online service that avoids fax hardware altogether. The chatroom says that Ooma makes a device for this very purpose. But a cordless phone would probably work.

Watch Chris from Burbank, CA Comments

Chris is having issues with his old Dell laptop. The battery has died. Leo says that Lithium ion batteries have a limit of about 500 charges and then they simply die. If he can pop out the battery, he can plug it into his AC adapter and run it. But he can get get a new battery for it as well. Chris did that and it still doesn't work. Leo suspects it's a third party battery that won't work on that Dell. It's likely a knock off.

Image Kristoferb [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], from Wikimedia Commons