Why can't I connect to the internet with my old Mac?

Episode 1512 (21:40)

Joy from Thousand Oaks, CA
Apple iMac

Joy is trying to reset the password on her old Mac and she's having issues. She googled putting code into the Terminal and it messed things up. She found the original disk, but because it's so old, it automatically goes to the dial up modem when attempting to connect to the internet. Leo recommends going into recovery mode by holding down CMD + R while booting up. In the Utilities menu of the installer, there is a reset password tool. She keeps running into problems connecting to the internet, though. Leo suggests plugging the Mac directly into the router via ethernet and rebooting. Leo also thinks there could be hard drive trouble, since the iMac is fairly old. She can also try resetting the PRAM by pressing CMD + OPT + P + R on startup.