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Watch G. Scott from Finland, MN Comments

G Scott bought the Microsoft Surface Studio computer when it came out and got it with an i7. But it's sluggish when running Excel and other apps. Leo has a hunch that the hybrid hard drive is causing the slow down. Intel created the Fusion drive and it's never really paid off in performance. Leo had the drive replaced with an M.2 MVE connected SSD drive. Know How has a video on how to do it here.

Also, while 16GB of RAM is a hefty amount, if his spreadsheets are really large, it could bog down. So if he can upgrade the RAM, that would be a good idea.

Watch Joy from Thousand Oaks, CA Comments

Joy is trying to reset the password on her old Mac and she's having issues. She googled putting code into the Terminal and it messed things up. She found the original disk, but because it's so old, it automatically goes to the dial up modem when attempting to connect to the internet. Leo recommends going into recovery mode by holding down CMD + R while booting up. In the Utilities menu of the installer, there is a reset password tool. She keeps running into problems connecting to the internet, though. Leo suggests plugging the Mac directly into the router via ethernet and rebooting. Leo also thinks there could be hard drive trouble, since the iMac is fairly old. She can also try resetting the PRAM by pressing CMD + OPT + P + R on startup.

Watch Karen from Ventura, CA Comments

Karen has a ZTE Android phone and she wants to save her text messages. Leo says there's an app called SMS Backup and Restore and it can save text messages for him. If that doesn't work, she should keep looking in the Google Play store.

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Watch Roger from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Roger's Windows 7 desktop PC isn't updating anymore. Have they stopped supporting it? Leo says no, Windows 7 is still supported. Roger may just have a stuck update that's preventing the others from being installed. Here's a tech note from Microsoft on how to clear it.

There's also this link to get all your updates all at once.

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Watch Daryl from Orange, CA Comments

Daryl is running Windows 8.1, but after a so-called critical update, he gets a black screen. Leo says that sometimes an update can break something, and it sounds like it may be an incompatible video driver. First thing to do is to boot into Safe Mode. Then, if his screen comes up, that indicates a driver issue. Daryl should go to the video card manufacturer's website and download the latest video driver. There's some other suggestions at here.

Leo also suggests getting his install disk and running the "Repair" routine. That'll fix any problems and get him back up.

Watch Paul from Orange County, CA Comments

Paul upgraded to a Samsung 1TB SSD, but when he ran his cloning software it wouldn't clone because of the size difference. Leo says to look to see if the drive came with software (he may need to download it). Samsung Data Migration Software for Consumer SSD. If it doesn't get hung up on sector by sector cloning, he should have no problems.

Watch Mark from Lake Havasu, AZ Comments

Mark is upgrading his Windows 7 laptop to Windows 10. Can he just upgrade or should he do a clean install? Leo says that he still prefers a clean install, but the truth is that the recent Windows 10 update makes clean installs unnecessary. He should still back up, though, just in case. But then he can go ahead and upgrade it. If there's problems, then he can resort to the clean install.

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Watch Bob from Pleasantville, NY Comments

Bob bought a new Epson EcoTank printer. His old WorkForce printer got an error code 0X97 and he can't clear it. Leo says error codes are really the domain of Epson and they have good solid tech support. Could it be a corrupted file? Leo says it's unlikely to be the computer. It's more likely an internal printer issue. The chatroom says it's an internal hardware error. Here's an article from with some things to try.

Bob should turn it off, disconnect everything, then unplug it. Next he should hold down the power button for 60 seconds. He should keep holding it down while he plugs the power cable back in. Wait another minute and release. That could clear the memory and fix it.

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Watch Sam from Carlsbad, CA Comments

Sam has an ARRIS cable modem and when he's plugged it into his router, he's not sure what the lights mean. Leo says that one is for connecting to the cable company for internet access. If it's off, he's not getting access. There's also a "link light" which will be solid when connected via ethernet, and when data goes back and forth, it blinks. Then there's the uplink and downlink lights. The manual should tell him what they mean. If one is off, then he'll know where the problems are.

Watch Cheryl from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Cheryl wants to get a Motorola Moto G6 mobile phone and wants to know if she should get one locked or unlocked. Leo says that phones that are locked to the carrier means she can only use it with that carrier. But with Verizon, that phone should already be unlocked. The FCC has said, however, to all the carriers that if a phone is bought outright, then it would have to be unlocked. If she's buying one month to month, then they can lock it until she's paid it off. Ideally, she should get the unlocked one. That way, if she wants to change carriers, she can with no hassle.

Watch Marco from Portugal Comments

Marco wants to know if he can trust getting links from friends on the iPhone. Leo says that if his friends send him links over a PC, he'd be worried. But over the iPhone, it's completely safe.

Watch Mark from Singapore Comments

Mark is excited about the new Nikon full frame mirrorless camera. Leo says that Canon is likely going to announce one too, and it could be that the DSLR is on its way out. Mirrorless cameras are smaller and lighter. But it comes at a cost, as it will lose the optical viewfinder in favor of an electronic viewfinder. The sensor is also close to the lens and that means simpler optics. Photokina is coming September 26th, and we'll likely see both the Nikon and Canon full frame mirrorless cameras.

(Pictured above: Nikon D7200 24.2 MP DX-format Digital SLR Camera).

Watch Barbara from Redbluff, CA Comments

Barbara would like to update to macOS High Sierra, but she thinks that she can't update it because she hasn't updated in a long time. Leo says you can. The way you can do it is to go to the last version your computer can handle directly. If that's macOS High Sierra, then just go to the app store download it and install. If you're getting notifications, then you're golden. It'll take awhile though.

Does she really need to backup? Leo says that back-up are important to preserve your data, and Time Machine will do that, but only locally. To be REALLY safe, you want to have off site backup as well. That way, if your house burns down, you still have your data. For pictures, Google Photos will give you unlimited hi resolution photo backup. Flickr gives you 1TB of photo storage. Apple's iCloud gives you 5GB. Amazon Prime members get unlimited photo backup.

Just remember, one backup isn't really a backup at all. What you want is 3 copies. 2 forms of media. 1 off site.