Should I buy a drone?

Episode 1511 (11:42)

Victor from Azusa, CA
DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Victor wants to buy a DJI Mavic Pro drone. Leo says it's best to start small and cheap to learn how to fly one. Then he can upgrade. Leo has learned the hard way that he can easily lose his drone because of crashes and it flying away. But the Mavic is a different animal because it's easier to fly, has better GPS, can come home automatically if it gets lost or starts to lose power. It can even read hand gestures, and it's quieter. Then again, it's around $1,000, too. It also has geofencing, to assure that he doesn't go where he's not supposed to. Leo recommends getting the Fly More Combo because it comes with an extra set of props, a carrying case, and a controller.

Victor is also looking to upgrade his iPhone 7 Plus. Should he do it now? Leo says that there will be a new iPhone in the fall, so it pays to wait. But his is slowing down. Leo says that Apple claims the slow down is due to the battery itself. So replacing the battery, and Apple has a replacement program, will buy him another year or two.