Apple Becomes First Trillion Dollar Company

Episode 1511 (01:31)

Apple Park

This week, Apple's stock rose to the point where Apple became the first company on Wall Street worth a trillion dollars. Leo says while that makes for a great headline, it's really a dubious barometer, because Apple has all the money it's gotten from stock. Any further rising and lowering of the stock is beneficial for those who buy and sell it. But what the value does indicate, is that when Apple offers stock to talent as a perk, it's worth far more to them. And engineers are thinking about that. Still, Apple is the first to do it, so it's historic.

In perspective, Apple was only a few months away from going out of business in the 90s, when Apple hired Steve Jobs back and started the dramatic turnaround.

Image: By Daniel L. Lu (user:dllu) [CC BY-SA 4.0 ], from Wikimedia Commons