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Episode 1511 August 4, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Victor from Azusa, CA Comments

Victor wants to buy a DJI Mavic Pro drone. Leo says it's best to start small and cheap to learn how to fly one. Then he can upgrade. Leo has learned the hard way that he can easily lose his drone because of crashes and it flying away. But the Mavic is a different animal because it's easier to fly, has better GPS, can come home automatically if it gets lost or starts to lose power. It can even read hand gestures, and it's quieter. Then again, it's around $1,000, too. It also has geofencing, to assure that he doesn't go where he's not supposed to. Leo recommends getting the Fly More Combo because it comes with an extra set of props, a carrying case, and a controller.

Victor is also looking to upgrade his iPhone 7 Plus. Should he do it now? Leo says that there will be a new iPhone in the fall, so it pays to wait. But his is slowing down. Leo says that Apple claims the slow down is due to the battery itself. So replacing the battery, and Apple has a replacement program, will buy him another year or two.

Watch Carlin from Redondo Beach, CA Comments

Carlin has an iMac that's about 6 years old and it's getting slower and slower. She brought it into a technician, who said it was too old to get parts for it. Leo says that's not really accurate. It's always best to take the iMac into the Apple Store when it needs repair or upgrading, and it can be upgraded.

But 5 years old isn't that old. Odds are, it's just full and she'll have to backup her data, format the hard drive and start over. Carlin should go to the store and get an external hard drive that can plug into her iMac. 1TB would be plenty. Then once she has it plugged in, she should boot it up and copy her data over to the external drive. There's a users folder, and she can just drag and drop it over to the external drive. She can also backup her images to the cloud, using Google Photos, Carbonite, etc.

Once the data is all copied over, she should shut it down. Then she should press CMD + R and turn it on while holding those two keys. When the apple appears, she can let go of the keys. Then select "erase" to erase the hard drive and reinstall macOS. That'll speed everything up. She doesn't really need a new computer, or spend money to upgrade it, unless she really wants to.

(Disclaimer: Carbonite is a sponsor)

Audience QuestionsHour 2

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Watch Steven from San Diego,CA Comments

Steven bought an Epson Eco Tank 2550 and it's starting to lose colors. Leo says that it sounds like the printer head is clogged. Epson Eco Tanks have specially coated heads to prevent clogging, but if he doesn't use his printer all the time, it will eventually clog up. That's why a laser printer is better for infrequent use. In the meantime, he can use the ink cleaning procedure several times, and then it will ask if he wants to do the thorough cleaning. It'll use a lot of ink, however, but that should solve it. If it doesn't, he'll need to call Epson.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Jack from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Jack has a daughter at UC Santa Cruz studying Bio Engineering. He wants to get her a new laptop. Leo says to call the university and talk to the office about recommendations. They should also call the Bio Engineering department. The student store will also have a student discount.

The MacBook Pro is a good choice. An i5 will be OK, but the i7 will be better for what she does and will future proof it for the next four years. It has 16GB of RAM. A 13" would be ideal for a student, though, too. It has 512GB storage, and they can always get an external drive if she needs more.

Watch Vino from Las Vegas, NV Comments

Vino recently cut the cable and is streaming YouTube TV, but he's having trouble streaming on his Sony TV on Roku. It turns on by itself. Leo says that it's likely a CEC problem, which has to do with the HDMI settings. It's basically designed to automatically turn on the TV when he turns on his Roku. It doesn't work very well on Sony. So he should go into the settings and turn off BraviaLink. That'll solve it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Craig from Vista, CA Comments

Craig wants a tablet with a keyboard that he can use as a computer or a tablet. Leo says that Acer has great convertibles, and the screen is fully hinged to go all the way around. It's a great bargain. Dell makes some rugged ones, like the Dell ATG. They're more expensive because they're designed to take a beating. But if he's on a budget, Acer is the way to go. Lenovo's 330 is an i3, 15" with 8GB or memory for $300. But the less expensive models tend to be made cheaply. The ThinkPad line is much better.

Watch Greg from Newport Beach, CA Comments

Greg's mouse cursor is freezing and it's making a loud audible noise. Leo says he suspects the mouse is experiencing a hard crash of the mouse. Unplugging the mouse and plugging it back in will fix it. It's also a sign of a worn out mouse cable, causing connectivity issues. It could also be a problem with his USB plug, or even the USB controller chip on the motherboard. He should check the drivers. And then, try to get a cheap PCI USB card and see if he can make it work. If it does, then he'll know it's the motherboard USB controller. But Leo suspects it's the mouse drivers. So he should uninstall the driver in the device manager and reinstall them (obviously download the drivers first).

Also, if he transplants another hard drive into his computer, then the Windows install is looking for hardware that doesn't exist and problems like this can happen. So he should format the drive and reinstall Windows.

Watch Harvey from California Comments

Harvey wants to know what happened to the Windows image backup utility. Leo says it's still there, but it's oddly called Windows 7 backup. Here's a few other options:

  • Clonezilla
  • EaseUS
  • Drive Snapshot
  • Macrium
  • DriveImageXML