What's the best Android Tablet for the money?

Episode 1510 (11:17)

Chris from Fort Worth, TX
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Chris is looking for a good tablet that won't break the bank. Is there a Chromebook tablet? Leo says there is, but he doesn't recommend it. The best Android tablets are made by Samsung, and the Galaxy Tab S3 is about $450. Leo says that Google had a great tablet called the Pixel C, but they don't make it anymore. If budget is an issue, then the Amazon Fire tablet is the best because they are heavily subsidized. But the screen quality is low and the processors aren't all that great.

If he wants an Android tablet, the Galaxy is going to be his best bet. But Samsung is going to be announcing the Tab S4 this week, so he may want to wait to see what happens.

The chatroom also recommends the Lenovo 8" tablet. But If he's going to pay almost $500 for a tablet, he may as well get an iPad.