How can I digitize my rolodex?

Episode 1510 (22:42)

Bob from Atlanta, GA
Flip phone

Bob is looking to dump his old flip phone for a smartphone. But he has bad eye sight and would like to transfer his contacts from his old rolodex to the smartphone. Leo says that Google Contacts is the best option. It'll sync to just about phone platform, as well as his desktop. He'll have to get the contacts into it first, and that will take some hand entry to type them all in. He may want to look into paying a college kid to do it. The easiest way is to set up a Google Account, and then start entering contacts in at

Another option is Full Contact, which is a paid service where he can scan his information into its contact database, then export and upload it to Google Contacts. He should also save a copy of it for backup. Google Contacts will let him export it with a comma separated values format, or vCard. He should keep that on his Google Drive and hard drive just in case.

What smartphone should he get, Android or iPhone? After a career of working with chemicals, he doesn't really have good fingerprints anymore. Leo says his choice then would be an iPhone X with facial recognition, or he could just use a six digit pin. Security wise, it's more than adequate.