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Episode 1510 July 29, 2018

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Audience Questions

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Watch Chris from Fort Worth, TX Comments

Chris is looking for a good tablet that won't break the bank. Is there a Chromebook tablet? Leo says there is, but he doesn't recommend it. The best Android tablets are made by Samsung, and the Galaxy Tab S3 is about $450. Leo says that Google had a great tablet called the Pixel C, but they don't make it anymore. If budget is an issue, then the Amazon Fire tablet is the best because they are heavily subsidized. But the screen quality is low and the processors aren't all that great.

If he wants an Android tablet, the Galaxy is going to be his best bet. But Samsung is going to be announcing the Tab S4 this week, so he may want to wait to see what happens.

The chatroom also recommends the Lenovo 8" tablet. But If he's going to pay almost $500 for a tablet, he may as well get an iPad.

Watch Bob from Atlanta, GA Comments

Bob is looking to dump his old flip phone for a smartphone. But he has bad eye sight and would like to transfer his contacts from his old rolodex to the smartphone. Leo says that Google Contacts is the best option. It'll sync to just about phone platform, as well as his desktop. He'll have to get the contacts into it first, and that will take some hand entry to type them all in. He may want to look into paying a college kid to do it. The easiest way is to set up a Google Account, and then start entering contacts in at

Another option is Full Contact, which is a paid service where he can scan his information into its contact database, then export and upload it to Google Contacts. He should also save a copy of it for backup. Google Contacts will let him export it with a comma separated values format, or vCard. He should keep that on his Google Drive and hard drive just in case.

What smartphone should he get, Android or iPhone? After a career of working with chemicals, he doesn't really have good fingerprints anymore. Leo says his choice then would be an iPhone X with facial recognition, or he could just use a six digit pin. Security wise, it's more than adequate.

Watch Michael from Fountain, CO Comments

Michael is getting a message from Yahoo that he will lose access to his account if he continues to use Internet Explorer 11. Leo says that's the most recent version so that doesn't make any sense. But if Yahoo is not going to support Internet explorer anymore, then what may be happening is that Robert has compatibility view on. Michael should go into IE Tools and uncheck "use Microsoft compatibility lists." That will send a mixed message to Yahoo that he's using the wrong version.

But Yahoo is also no longer supporting IE. So his choices are Google Chrome or Firefox. Leo says Chrome is actually a better browser security-wise, and it's easy to learn. He can even import all of his bookmarks directly into Chrome. So he really won't lose a step by making the change.

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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil misses the WIndows Phone. Leo says that unfortunately, Apple and Android are so dominant, that Windows being a distant third with no shot of gaining any marketshare was a reason that Microsoft left the mobile phone category altogether. The same is pretty much true with Blackberry, which is now just another model of the Android OS.

Neil also wants to know if the Logitech Harmony Hub supports the Apple TV. He can't get it to connect. Leo says that according to Apple, it's supposed to work. You may need to upgrade the tvOS. The voice control may not work though. Check out this technote by Logitech -

Watch Kathy from Santa Cruz, CA Comments

Kathy is getting the same message that Yahoo isn't going to support her browser in the future and she's not thrilled having to move to a new browser. Leo says that if she doesn't care for Chrome, Firefox has gotten a lot better again and he's been using it a lot lately.

Kathy also wants to know about Adobe Reader. She updated Windows 10 and her Adobe Reader is all messed up now. Leo says there are much better PDF readers out there than Adobe Reader. Reader is a security nightmare these days with flaws discovered almost monthly. So Leo recommends uninstalling Adobe Reader entirely in the "Uninstall Programs" control panel. Then he suggests CutePDF as a good reader.

Watch Larry from Tustin, CA Comments

Larry's Samsung Galaxy S5 is rebooting all the time. What can he do? Leo says his mobile phone company wants him to upgrade, but before he does, he should perform a backup and reset. It will erase the phone and reset it to the day he bought it. He should make sure he backs up his photos and videos before he does it. For that, Leo recommends Google Photos. That will likely solve the problem. If it doesn't, then it's time to get a new phone.

Watch Tracy from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Tracy wants to know how her husband can do voice dictation on his Mac. Leo says to go to the System Preferences pane for keyboard settings and enable voice dictation on the Dictation tab. Then he can tap the function key twice on his iMac, and that will trigger voice dictation. It's pretty accurate. It won't be perfect, but it'll be 80% there. He can even do voice editing.

Another option is Dragon NaturallySpeaking. Google also has an online voice dictation in Google Docs. This page at explains how to do it.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Andrew from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Andrew misses FDisk in MSDOS. He liked typing from the command line. Leo says that FDisk still exists in Windows, and when he deletes a partition with it, the data isn't lost, it just loses the structure of partition information. If he wants to erase all the data, Leo recommends Darik's Boot and Nuke (DBAN). It erases the data, overwrites the hard drive, erases it and overwrites it again. Seven times. So there's no way the data can be recovered.

But DBAN won't work on a Solid State Drive. It uses a feature called Wear Leveling, which protects the sectors and some data leakage can occur. That's why Leo recommends turning on whole drive encryption. Then, when he deletes the key, the drive is unreadable.

Watch Jerry from Tri Cities Comments

Jerry is a long time Verizon customer and is wondering if he should change to an unlimited plan from Spectrum for $45 a month. Leo says he'll have to look at the fine print because nobody really offers unlimited anymore without throttling down the speeds after a set amount. So like after 5GB of hotspotting, or 20GB of data, it'll get throttled down to 2G or 3G speeds. And the only real change, since Spectrum uses Verizon, is customer service. It's a Mobile Virtual Network Operator, or reseller.

He may also have to get a new phone and it'll be locked to the carrier. But the price will save him a few bucks, if he can live with the throttling.

Watch Ben from Bakersfield, CA Comments

Ben likes to stream videos using Plex and sometimes it'll disconnect after only a few hours watching specific shows. What's going on? Leo says that there''s probably a naming issue and if the naming isn't consistent, then Plex can get confused. He should make sure the transcoding is consistent as well with the same format.

Watch Dave from Hermosa Beach, CA Comments

Dave has a mobile phone and he wants to know how he can stream to his TV from it. Leo says to get the Google Chromecast. This will allow him to pull up a video stream on his phone, and then hand it off to the Chromecast to put it on the TV. He'll need internet and Wi-Fi to make it work. If all his internet access is through his phone, then he could use a hotspot with his TV if it supports that, and then Chromecast that way. But he'll take a bandwidth hit on his phone.

Watch Rick from Barstow, CA Comments

Rick has created a GoFundMe campaign, but it can't be found through searching on Google. What is happening? Leo says it should. But its Page Rank may be low because it isn't being linked to. So he should get some friends to link to it through social media. That'll help it show up.

Watch Ben from Montana Comments

Ben wants to know why he's having trouble connecting his TV with Cat 5 ethernet. Leo says to try a shorter cable. It may be a kink or a spool is causing connection issues.