Why does my cursor jump around?

Episode 1509 (1:32:56)

Dan from Yankee Town, FL
Apple MacBook Pro

Dan is having an issue where on his MacBook the cursor jumps while he's typing. He can't even write an email. It'll even start a command. Leo suspects it's a problem with the trackpad. He should try cleaning it first. Sometimes "schmutz" can cause phantom touches. The palm rejection software in the OS may have been disabled. The worst case scenario is that the trackpad is failing. Since the laptop is about a year old, he could take it into the Apple Store and have them take a look at it.

The chatroom says to try resetting the SMC. OSXdaily.com has an article on how to do that here. Apple also has a support page here.

Dan is also having issues signing onto websites because of his VPN. Leo says that many sites, like Banks, reject VPN connections. VPN software can typically be disabled for individual websites, so Dan should look in the settings for that. It's safe for secure transactions because it's encrypted, and Google is starting to require all websites be encrypted.