What technology can help me with my disability?

Episode 1509 (12:33)

James from Connecticut

James is a military vet who is disabled. Most of it is dealing with PTSD and brain damage. He wants to know what technology will help him in daily life, especially when it comes with memory. Leo says that computer technology can keep his access to the world alive, and it can be used with assistive situations that life requires. The Amazon Echo and Google Home, for instance, can help the blind.

Leo recommends looking at the Veteran's Affairs Assistive Technology site at https://www.vaatech.org. The site offers help with:

- Mobility Assistive Equipment
- Adapted Computer Access
- Electronic Aids to Daily Living/Environmental Control Units
- Augmentative & Alternative Communication
- Electronic Cognitive Devices
- Adapted Automotive Equipment
- Adapted Sports & Recreation Equipment