Has Apple stopped making computers with function keys?

Episode 1509 (39:28)

Manny from Mt. Carmel, PA
Apple MacBook Pro

Manny has a 2013 MacBook Pro but he needs to upgrade and he's annoyed that Apple has removed the function keys in favor of the Touch Bar. Leo says that there is a 2017 MacBook Pro model that comes with the last batch of function keys. But this year, they aren't making them anymore. So it looks like the time for function keys is now over. Leo says that the speed of the i9 has made it worth it, though. The keyboard has also been improved thanks to a silicone dampener. The Touch Bar isn't really a bad idea, but hardly any apps support it. Leo recommends the utility Better Touch Tool. It makes it usable. But he should be sure he can live with the keyboard before he buys. And the i9 really isn't needed for most people. It's way too expensive. For most apps, he can get by with the i5 or i7.