Is it safe to keep my passwords in a spreadsheet?

Episode 1508 (1:38:45)

Bob from Tulsa, OK
LastPass Vault

Bob has all his passwords inputted in a spreadsheet. Is that secure? Leo says if it works for him, that's one step better than just using the same password over and over. But if someone gets ahold of that file, they have the keys to his kingdom. That's why using LastPass, which generates complicated and secure passwords is a good idea. Bob agrees, but he doesn't know how to use it to change his passwords. Leo says if he goes to LastPass's help desk, they describe step by step how to do it.

Bob should go into LastPass and he'll see a wrench icon. He should click on that and select "change password". Another option for websites is to change the password on a site and LastPass will ask him if he wants to save that password. Then he'll simply click yes. That wouldn't be the LastPass generated password, but it's one way to go.

Bob also has an Acura and after an iOS update, the phone won't work with his car anymore. Leo says that if he didn't delete the phone in his Acura first, then it won't work. So he should delete the phone in his Acura OS and then start over.

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