Is my streaming being blocked?

Episode 1507 (1:03:48)

David from Escondido, CA
Sony PlayStation

David is having issues streaming PlayStation Vue with Cox Cable. He got an email about suspicious activity and when he called Cox, they tried to sell him a protection service package. Leo says that could be anti competitive behavior, or it could be a spoofed email scam designed to get him to install something. But it doesn't make sense that his streaming website would be blocked by a spammer.

It could also be the PlayStation Vue account that got corrupted. But since he can access it on his phone, that points right back to Cox and Leo is sure they're blocking something. At this point, he could try removing his PlayStation and then try. Then he could remove his computer and try on the PlayStation. He should try and isolate the issue. He can also try changing his IP address. He can do that by disconnecting his router and cable modem, wait for about 10 minutes and then reconnect. He should get a new IP address then. He should also take a look at his antivirus software. It could be locking something out.