How can I run Linux and Windows on my computer?

Episode 1506 (11:28)

Charles from Colton, CA
Dell XPS with Ubuntu

Charles would like to create a dual boot system on his laptop with Windows and Ubuntu Linux. How can he do that? Leo says that running Linux on his computer is a great journey and it has become a lot easier to create a dual boot system with Ubuntu. All he needs to do is download the installer to a USB key and then boot to it. Then it will walk him through creating the dual boot portion. Then when he boots up every day, the GRUB boot manager will ask him which OS he wants to load.

Charles would also like to encourage people to support the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) by donating your computer's downtime. Leo likes Folding at Home for gene research. There's also the Worldwide Community Grid, which is the same idea. Donate your computer's downtime for science!