Is a hardwired Fire TV more secure?

Episode 1506 (1:42:39)

Art from Monrovia, CA
Amazon Fire TV

Art bought an Amazon Fire TV and wants to know if he can hardwire it for security. Leo says that a standard Fire TV is Wi-Fi only. The Fire TV Cube offers an adapter dongle for it. And if his Fire TV has an ethernet port, he can do it. But if it doesn't, then he can't.

Is it more secure if it's hardwired? Leo says no. But it is faster and more consistent since he wouldn't have to deal with congestion. Is it more secure if he buys his own modem? Leo says probably not, but he can save a lot of money in the long run by not renting his ISP's modem. It'll also be newer, and he can update it to the most current firmware, which will make it more secure. He should get a DOCSIS III modem and make sure he checks the compatibility with his ISP.