Why can't I connect my iPhone to my TV?

Episode 1505 (1:25:26)

Tim from Murrietta, CA
Apple TV 4K

Tim has an iPhone 6S and when hooking it up to his smart TV, nothing happens. The TV says it has the signal, but nothing happens. It has worked in the past. Leo says that it sounds like HDCP may be the issue. That's digital copy protection. Everything in the chain has to be HDCP compliant to work. But that should only be an issue if he's watching YouTube or a movie. It should work with photos and home videos no problem. Tim says a friend's iPhone works though. Leo says it sounds like an iOS issue, then. If his friend's iPhone has an older version of iOS, then it sounds like Apple may have broken that connection in iOS 11. The chatroom says that Apple started enforcing copy protection in iOS 11. So that's likely the issue. He should also, make sure all of his cables are MFI certified. That will make sure that the Apple connection stays consistent.

The good news is, if he has an Apple TV, he can just AirPlay those movies and photos to the TV with no trouble. Most smart TVs also support Google Photos. So he can back them up online, and then use the TV's Google Photos app to view them. And if his TV has an SD card slot, he can also save them to a card and watch them that way.

Tim also has an inkjet printer and the print quality is terrible. Leo says that if he isn't using his inkjet all the time, the print heads can clog with drying ink, causing issues with print quality. There is a print cleaning utility, but it uses up a ton of ink. That's why Leo recommends laser printers for occasional printing.