Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1505 (1:12:20)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in Kuai Hawaii and he has a fun tip. If you fly around the Islands on Hawaiian Airlines, you can ask to play the ukulele. Every plane has one. Makes a great photo.

Deal - $379 round tip to Hawaii right now for travel in September. Alaska Airlines DC to Hawaii is around $500. Great deals to Australia - American SF to Sydney, $746 round trip. Sign up for Johnny Jet's newsletter for details, or follow him on Twitter!

App of the week, Garden Answers. Identify the flora and fauna when you're traveling. The Garden Answers app is free and highly rated (both Android and iOS versions). Plant Snap is another one, but it's $3.99 and Johnny doesn't think it's very accurate.


Travel Tip of the week - Carry a roll of Gaffer Tape. It'll stick to anything and you can take it off very easily. $10 for a big roll, but you can also get small rolls. But what Johnny Jet does is he wraps small amounts around pens, and tosses them in his bag.