How can I get my TV to match the color on my laptop?

Episode 1505 (35:34)

Shane from Olympia, WA
Joe Kane's DVD Basics HD Essentials

Shane is a professional photographer and he connects his laptop to a big screen TV to show clients their photos, but the colors are always off. How can he fix that? Leo says that color graders will work in a 30% gray room because it influences the reflective nature of the colors, especially when his laptop is using True Tone. And a TV is not calibrated the same as a computer monitor. He could just get a larger computer monitor, like a 5K iMac, or, he could get his TV professionally calibrated.

Scott Wilkinson says that a PC calibration tool called a Spectroradiometer could work. It's not that expensive. Having a professional do it will give him the results he wants, but it won't be cheap. He'd also have to calibrate each input. He can always try doing it himself with a budget approach by using Joe Kane's DVD Basics HD Essentials, or Disney's World of Wonder DVDs. They're available on Amazon. It'll get him about 80% of the way there. But for that other 20%, he'll either need the calibrator tool or have it done professionally.