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Watch Lillian (Doctor Mom) from New York, NY Comments

Lillian says that you can use your old Fire tablet as an Echo Show now thanks to a new Pogo dock by Amazon. Leo says it sounds like just a charging dock and with an software update, it would turn it into an Echo Show. But the dock doesn't have any speakers, and the screen isn't all that great. So it's an interesting device if you have a surplus Fire tablet lying around, and for $35 it's not too bad.

Watch Shane from Olympia, WA Comments

Shane is a professional photographer and he connects his laptop to a big screen TV to show clients their photos, but the colors are always off. How can he fix that? Leo says that color graders will work in a 30% gray room because it influences the reflective nature of the colors, especially when his laptop is using True Tone. And a TV is not calibrated the same as a computer monitor. He could just get a larger computer monitor, like a 5K iMac, or, he could get his TV professionally calibrated.

Scott Wilkinson says that a PC calibration tool called a Spectroradiometer could work. It's not that expensive. Having a professional do it will give him the results he wants, but it won't be cheap. He'd also have to calibrate each input. He can always try doing it himself with a budget approach by using Joe Kane's DVD Basics HD Essentials, or Disney's World of Wonder DVDs. They're available on Amazon. It'll get him about 80% of the way there. But for that other 20%, he'll either need the calibrator tool or have it done professionally.

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Watch Lynn from Covina, CA Comments

Lynn has a bunch of old VHS home movies. How can she convert them so she can watch them? Leo says that the best way these days is to go to a service, like Scan Cafe. They have professional equipment and can color correct. When factoring in the equipment she would need to do it herself; the VCR, the cables, the analog to digital converter to get it into the computer, and the time, she may as well just pay Scan Cafe to do it. There are some video capture devices out there, but she should consider that it won't be any better than it is on VHS now.

The Elgato Video capture is $82. That will give her everything she'll need to get it into her computer. There is also the Hauppauge USB Live 2 for $45. Then she would connect the VCR to the digitizer, and the digitizer to the computer. She can then just press play on the VCR and record on the capture software.

Watch Tim from Murrietta, CA Comments

Tim has an iPhone 6S and when hooking it up to his smart TV, nothing happens. The TV says it has the signal, but nothing happens. It has worked in the past. Leo says that it sounds like HDCP may be the issue. That's digital copy protection. Everything in the chain has to be HDCP compliant to work. But that should only be an issue if he's watching YouTube or a movie. It should work with photos and home videos no problem. Tim says a friend's iPhone works though. Leo says it sounds like an iOS issue, then. If his friend's iPhone has an older version of iOS, then it sounds like Apple may have broken that connection in iOS 11. The chatroom says that Apple started enforcing copy protection in iOS 11. So that's likely the issue. He should also, make sure all of his cables are MFI certified. That will make sure that the Apple connection stays consistent.

The good news is, if he has an Apple TV, he can just AirPlay those movies and photos to the TV with no trouble. Most smart TVs also support Google Photos. So he can back them up online, and then use the TV's Google Photos app to view them. And if his TV has an SD card slot, he can also save them to a card and watch them that way.

Tim also has an inkjet printer and the print quality is terrible. Leo says that if he isn't using his inkjet all the time, the print heads can clog with drying ink, causing issues with print quality. There is a print cleaning utility, but it uses up a ton of ink. That's why Leo recommends laser printers for occasional printing.

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Watch Don from Covina, CA Comments

Don wants to get a TV for the outdoors, but they seem to be four times as much. Leo says that's because TVs are designed for the darkness of a living room or home theater. So getting an outdoor centric TV requires better capability to see in bright, ambient light. There's also weatherproofing issues. Don should check out They recommend the high end SunBright TV for outdoor TVs. Sunlight can also damage TVs. So he wouldn't want to put a normal TV outside. They aren't designed to weather the storm. MirageVision takes Vizio TVs and weather proofs them.

Watch George from Victor, MT Comments

George has an iPhone 7 Plus and the screen goes black when he's in Facebook. Leo says that it's possible that his case could be squeezing the phone, causing it to shut down. Also, restarting the phone once a week will clear out any code that could cause problems.

Scooter X says that in iOS 9, there was an issue where Facebook would go dark. So George should make sure he's updated. While he's at it, he should just uninstall Facebook and download and reinstall the app. There could be a problem with Facebook. There was something similar happening a few years ago.

Caller Justin says that the proximity sensor is near the edge of the screen and if his finger is too close to it, it could be triggering to turn off the phone. That's what it's designed to do.

Watch Justin from San Diego, CA Comments

Justin's mother-in-law has a MacBook Pro that has ransomware on it. She just gets a blue screen. Leo says that Macs don't get blue screens, they kernel panic. It's likely an exploit in Javascript that is locking up her cursor to make her think the computer is frozen. She can press ALT + TAB to get out of the browser and she'll probably be fine. Then, she should turn off Javascript. Leo says it will not happen after that.