Should I get a new smartphone?

Episode 1504 (49:09)

Bob from Connecticut
Motorola Moto Z3 Play

Bob is a die hard Motorola phone user and wants to know who owns them now. Leo says that Motorola was sold to Google for $12.5 Billion, but they sold it a few years later to Lenovo in China at a $9 Billion loss. Sadly, the latest Motorola Moto phones are being designed China now. Lenovo also bought the IBM ThinkPad brand.

Bob and his wife need new phones, so what should he buy? Leo says there's a great phone at any budget for Bob and his Wife. Leo recommends the Motorola Moto Z3. The Moto G6 is half the price at $250, and it's an excellent phone.

Leo also recommends getting an Otterbox case, since Bob tends to drop his phone. But even that won't protect the screen should he drop it at just the right angle.

Are Android phones as secure as the iPhone? Leo says no. Android phones have too many holes, but the good news is that Android phones aren't really a target. But if security is the real issue, then Leo recommends the Google Pixel 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S9.