How can I rip my DVDs?

Episode 1504 (1:08:50)

Darwin from Broken Arrow, OK
Apple iPhone X

Darwin wonders what the FBI used to crack open the iPhone of a terrorist. Leo says that the FBI won't say. Leo suspects they went to an Israeli firm called Celebrite, which can unlock older iPhones with four digit codes. Which is why Apple changed the code to a six digit code and patched vulnerabilities that would allow them to bypass it. If Darwin can prove that he owns his personal iPhone, Apple can open it for him. But if it's his sister's, there's no guarantee that Apple will. But if he can prove ownership or relational link, it's possible. Apple could also give him the data if the phone is backed up to iCloud.

Darwin also uses Plex for his home theater. Is there a legal way to transfer DVDs to his Plex server? Leo says that technically, it's not legal because of the DMCA. However, if he can get it off, and probably the analog hole is the only way, there's no judge in the land that would rule that it isn't fair use. Ripping a DVD is easy using HandBrake and VideoLan Client. There are plenty of others as well. Google is his friend in this case.

DVDFab is great for ripping Blu-ray. $65