Do I need a service agreement to update my router firmware?

Episode 1504 (1:52:26)

David from Anaheim, CA
Netgear Orbi

David has a Netgear router and he wants to upgrade the firmware. Netgear won't do it because his support has expired. Leo says that older routers all need to be updated manually, but he doesn't need a service agreement to update it. He'd just download the firmware and install it. In fact, there should be a utility within the router settings to update the firmware. Most newer models autoupdate. So if staying updated is important, and it is, it would pay to get a new router. It'll be faster too. Mesh routers will be the best option.

What brand router should David look at? Leo says that Eero, Plume, and the NetGear Obi are the best mesh routers, but he may not really need it depending on the house he lives in. Leo says David doesn't need a mesh router unless he has dead spots or a two story house.

Routers do wear out, so if David hasn't updated in a few years, it's high time to update. Check out for reviews.

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