What mesh router and TV should I buy?

Episode 1503 (13:30)

Doug from Albuquerque, NM
Vizio P Series

Doug just bought a new, two story house and he needs a mesh router. What's the best? Leo says that mesh routers have taken over because Wi-Fi congestion causes devices to drop off. It's not uncommon to have over 50 devices connected to Wi-Fi! And that doesn't include neighbors. So Doug will need a better router to handle that traffic. Leo says the three best mesh routers for his money are the Netgear Obi, the Plume, and the Eero. Leo prefers the Eero though for split level and two story homes. Leo and Scott both agree that wiring the home theater system is best, rather than relying on wireless.

What about a good TV? Doug was thinking of getting a 75-80" TV for $5,000. Scott joins the call to say that the "spousal acceptance factor" is high on big flat screens, but not on speakers all over the house. So for Doug, a sound bar is probably best. As for the TV, Doug's living room is in a bright area, with plenty of windows, so Scott says that's going to be an LED LCD TV as the best option. The Sony X900 is an option, but Scott recommends the Vizio P Series, since he wants to buy an 80" size TV. The Vizio P Series offers full array, local dimming back lighting. It's 4K and HDR. Scott says he should avoid Samsung since they don't support Dolby Vision. At $2100, that gives him plenty left over for a great sound bar and sub woofer.

The Sony HT-ST5000 is $1500 and is the cream of the crop sound bar with sub woofer. It also has Dolby at Home immersive sound. And the best part is, he's over a $1,000 under budget!

Does Doug need an AV receiver? Scott says no, and Leo says that unless he's adding other sound units like speakers, then he agrees that he doesn't need a receiver.

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