What laptop should I buy?

Episode 1503 (56:25)

Bruce from Long Island, NY
15" MacBook Pro

Bruce does both Mac and PC work, and he's looking for a laptop that can handle both well. Should he buy a PC centric computer that can run a Mac virtually? Or the other way around? Leo says that there is no way to run macOS on anything but a Mac, especially not virtually. He could do a hackintosh, but not on a laptop. So Leo says go the other way, and get a MacBook Pro running Windows in Boot Camp. He could also run Windows virtually using Fusion, Parallels, or Virtual Box. Leo recommends avoiding the model with the Touch Bar. It's fairly useless. The new models with the butterfly keyboards are also useless. He can still get the 15" MacBook Pro from 2015 and it would work just fine. Apple still sells it.

Bruce's other option is to make the opposite switch, and go all Windows. Even for video editing, Adobe Premiere is just as good as Final Cut Pro.