How much cell phone storage do I need?

Episode 1503 (41:49)

Pete from Clinton Township, NJ
Google Photos

Pete wants to know if a 32GB smart phone is big enough for every day use. Leo says it should be, but he'll need to have a storage strategy for things like videos, photos, and even music. Leo recommends using Google Photos. He'll get unlimited high resolution storage, or 15GB of uncompressed storage for free. The unlimited high resolution is really great for everyday images. Leo says he can turn on automatic uploading via Wi-Fi in the app settings and then have the app delete the images from his phone. They'll still be available in the cloud. He can also do Flickr and Amazon Prime Photos as well. The more backup options the better.

For music, he can store that in the cloud too, depending on what phone he has. 32GB is more than enough, though. He should just only keep the apps he needs. And he can always add and remove apps when necessary.