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Watch Doug from Albuquerque, NM Comments

Doug just bought a new, two story house and he needs a mesh router. What's the best? Leo says that mesh routers have taken over because Wi-Fi congestion causes devices to drop off. It's not uncommon to have over 50 devices connected to Wi-Fi! And that doesn't include neighbors. So Doug will need a better router to handle that traffic. Leo says the three best mesh routers for his money are the Netgear Obi, the Plume, and the Eero. Leo prefers the Eero though for split level and two story homes. Leo and Scott both agree that wiring the home theater system is best, rather than relying on wireless.

What about a good TV? Doug was thinking of getting a 75-80" TV for $5,000. Scott joins the call to say that the "spousal acceptance factor" is high on big flat screens, but not on speakers all over the house. So for Doug, a sound bar is probably best. As for the TV, Doug's living room is in a bright area, with plenty of windows, so Scott says that's going to be an LED LCD TV as the best option. The Sony X900 is an option, but Scott recommends the Vizio P Series, since he wants to buy an 80" size TV. The Vizio P Series offers full array, local dimming back lighting. It's 4K and HDR. Scott says he should avoid Samsung since they don't support Dolby Vision. At $2100, that gives him plenty left over for a great sound bar and sub woofer.

The Sony HT-ST5000 is $1500 and is the cream of the crop sound bar with sub woofer. It also has Dolby at Home immersive sound. And the best part is, he's over a $1,000 under budget!

Does Doug need an AV receiver? Scott says no, and Leo says that unless he's adding other sound units like speakers, then he agrees that he doesn't need a receiver.

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Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie is cruising the Hawaiian Islands. What should she do for internet access? Should she buy the cruise ship internet? Leo says don't ever do that! It's satellite internet and it's only a few MB up and down, and everyone on the ship has to share it. She'd have to get up in the middle of the night to get decent speed. It's also obscenely overpriced. Since Ellie is cruising around the Islands, she may be able to rely on local cellular service if she's near shore. She'll have data, but won't be charged a roaming fee. AT&T says that she will, though. Leo says that's nonsense. She's still in the US. But she can turn off data roaming in her phone settings just in case.

Watch Pete from Clinton Township, NJ Comments

Pete wants to know if a 32GB smart phone is big enough for every day use. Leo says it should be, but he'll need to have a storage strategy for things like videos, photos, and even music. Leo recommends using Google Photos. He'll get unlimited high resolution storage, or 15GB of uncompressed storage for free. The unlimited high resolution is really great for everyday images. Leo says he can turn on automatic uploading via Wi-Fi in the app settings and then have the app delete the images from his phone. They'll still be available in the cloud. He can also do Flickr and Amazon Prime Photos as well. The more backup options the better.

For music, he can store that in the cloud too, depending on what phone he has. 32GB is more than enough, though. He should just only keep the apps he needs. And he can always add and remove apps when necessary.

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Watch Bruce from Long Island, NY Comments

Bruce does both Mac and PC work, and he's looking for a laptop that can handle both well. Should he buy a PC centric computer that can run a Mac virtually? Or the other way around? Leo says that there is no way to run macOS on anything but a Mac, especially not virtually. He could do a hackintosh, but not on a laptop. So Leo says go the other way, and get a MacBook Pro running Windows in Boot Camp. He could also run Windows virtually using Fusion, Parallels, or Virtual Box. Leo recommends avoiding the model with the Touch Bar. It's fairly useless. The new models with the butterfly keyboards are also useless. He can still get the 15" MacBook Pro from 2015 and it would work just fine. Apple still sells it.

Bruce's other option is to make the opposite switch, and go all Windows. Even for video editing, Adobe Premiere is just as good as Final Cut Pro.

Watch John from Oxnard, CA Comments

John upgraded his internet but his laptop says it only has 2.4 GHz available. Leo says that means his router is only 2.4 GHz. 802.11N routers are dual band with 2.4 and 5 Ghz bands. And there's even tri-band routers that offer two 5 GHz channels along with a 2.4 GHz channel. His laptop may also just be able to connect to 2.4 Ghz. John should look in his BIOS and software to see if the 5.0 GHz band is turned off.

Watch Brian from Inyo, CA Comments

Brian wants to know if the Amazon Fire TV Cube is a good buy. He's looking for voice control. Leo says it works about as good as the Echo, so it has any shortcomings that the Echo does. But for controlling a home theater system, it works quite well.

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Watch Mike from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Mike would like to be able to control multiple speakers in an open house with his iPhone. Is that doable? Leo says that the key is keeping all the speakers in sync. Sonos was the first to do it right with multi-room sound. All speakers are completely wireless and can be put into party mode, where all are playing the same music in sync. Sonos isn't cheap though.

Other options include using a portable Bluetooth speaker in each room. They can connect to the iPhone together. Leo recommends Bang & Olufson and their BL Link speakers. How many can he connect? Leo says he isn't sure there is a limit. The key was to crack using one device at once and they do it with time codes.

Watch Sue from Illinois Comments

Sue took Leo's advice and bought a Lenovo Chromebook. But she's having difficulty adapting to it. She doesn't know where anything is. Leo says that's because everything is in the cloud. It also asks for her password all the time and she's tired of entering it. Leo says that can be frustrating, but it's vital to protect her data in the Cloud. In the settings, there is a feature that would enable her to turn on a PIN, which would let her log in with a simple 4-7 digit code. She'll have to enter her Google password from time to time yet, but the PIN is a good way around this issue.

Watch Gary from Weeki Wachee, FL Comments

Gary's mom has dementia and his brother is blind. Their cable company has gone all digital and now they have to make the transition and need voice command to change the TV channels. Leo says that the Amazon Fire TV Cube is a great solution, because it has Amazon Echo built it. It can control some cable boxes, and most TVs. It costs $119. It will also work with Google Home Assistant.

The Logitech Harmony Hub, paired to the Echo will also work and probably supports a larger array of devices. But the Cube is all-in-one. He'll just need to know if it can control their cable box.

Watch George from Santa Monica, CA Comments

To combat robocalls, George recommends the RoboKiller app. They will give telemarketers the same annoying treatment so that they will simply stop bothering you. It's $30 a year.

Watch Brett from Fontana, CA Comments

Brett needs to connect his laptop to his phone and use it as a hotspot. Leo says that the iPhone does have a hotspot mode, but some carriers will want to charge him for the privilege. He can enable it in the phone's cellular settings. Then he can connect his laptop to his phone via Wi-Fi. This will be impacting his data plan though, so he should keep that in mind. But if his connection keeps dropping, that sounds like an issue with the laptop.

Another option is to buy a USB Wi-Fi access device, or even a MiFi card. That will give him a separate connection that he can connect up to five devices to. It's possible that due to the age of the laptop, it may not support his phone.