Why doesn't my Sonos connect in party mode?

Episode 1502 (1:44:04)

Ricky from San Diego, CA
Sonos One

Ricky has Sonos, and after a recent update, he can't get his Sonos speakers to play in party mode. Leo says that may be due to it choosing a speaker to act as the main portal. Leo has had similar issues, and he solved it with a boosted Wi-Fi device. A recent update was supposed to fix all that. The more likely issue, though, could be plain old congestion. Everything has Wi-Fi now, and as a result, it causes rush hour. Leo recommends un-pairing everything. Then he should connect one Sonos Connect device to his router via Ethernet, and then let every other Sonos device connect to it via Wi-Fi one at a time. A Mesh Wi-Fi router like Eero, could also help.