How can I save media files from my DVR?

Episode 1502 (1:34:17)

John from Anaheim, CA

John has fiddling with the RG45 jack on his DVR and discovered that he could play his programs through his Roku device from it. He could also copy them to his PC and play them through Kodi. Can he convert them from there? Leo says that TTS is a "muxed" file that he can play, and it's probably MPEG 2. Almost anything that can read video files, like HandBrake, could do it. VLC definitely could play it. The DTCP.IP files, though, will need a special player. DTCP.IP is for playing back files using DNLA. It's also copy protected and may have 4K content inside it. But for those that he can watch, he should enjoy the back door while he can, because they'll likely close it sooner or later.