What 4K TV should I buy?

Episode 1501 (1:47:37)

Tom from Oceanside, CA

Tom is buying a new TV today and wants to know what to get. Leo says it depends on his budget. If he's spending a few thousand, then OLED is the way to go. Better yet, he should get a larger size than he would think. If he's at less than a 10' viewing distance, 55" is OK, but Leo likes 70". HDR makes a significant difference if he likes to watch movies. 4K, for sure. But everything else in the chain has to be 4K HDR in order to get the benefit.

Samsung's QLED is NOT OLED. It's a standard LCD screen made by Samsung, and it's confusing. He'll also want to get full array local dimming (FALD) if he can't afford OLED. The LG B7 is an excellent TV.