Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1501 (18:21)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott wants to talk about movie subscription services. MoviePass started the trend with an all you can watch subscription plan that allows you to watch one movie a day. But Scott says that they are in serious financial straights, losing money on every sale. It has, however, prompted more subscription services including AMC's Stubs A List. The cost is $20 a month, for three movies a week, plus upgrades to popcorn and drinks, and the ability to watch upcharged screenings like IMAX or Dolby Cinema. Leo says that's actually a really good deal. AMC is the world's largest chain, and it's likely they won't honor MoviePass moving forward. Scott says you can also reserve movie tickets in advance with your smartphone with AMC. Cinemark has one called The Movie Club for $9 a month, which is one movie a month. Leo says that's just paying ahead to see the movie at a discount.

There's also Sinemea, which is a multichain subscription service that offers four different plans, one for 2D showings, and then elite levels for 3D and IMAX, and perhaps Dolby Cinema. The limit though is 2-3 movies per month. There's also a family plan.

Leo says that the AMC plan looks to be the most realistic and best possible plan. MoviePass probably won't survive.

Scott says they're doing this in order to lure people back to the movies. Theaters are experiencing a 25 year low in attendance due to streaming, 4K/HDR home theater systems, etc. Leo says he has a better home theater system than what is at his local theater, and his popcorn is much better.