Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1501 (1:11:48)

Travel Deal - How to Fly L.A. to San Juan, Puerto Rico in a Lie-Flat Bed for $365 - great until May, 2019. Why is it so cheap? It's motivation to visit Puerto Rico and give their economy a shot in the arm. That's also a great way to fly to Miami using the Hidden City trick, where you buy a flight with a multiple stop, but get off at the first destination. But airlines don't like it and will ding you if you use frequent flyer miles in the process.

A New Way to Track Airfares and Save Money Yapta SKYSCANNER - It will even alert you if the fare dropped after you bought the ticket, so you can get some money back.

The App That Promises to Eliminate Jetlag (@timeshifterapp)