Why did my TV stop supporting 4K streaming?

Episode 1499 (34:09)

Richard from West LA, CA
Vizio 4K TV

Richard got a Vizio 4K TV and suddenly it says his TV isn't capable of receiving 4K, when it has been for the last two years. Leo suspects there's a "handshake" problem between the DirecTV box and the TV itself, and it's usually the culprit of HDMI cables. He should try replacing the cable first. But he'll have to be sure to have a cable that is certified for high speeds of 18GB per second. Amazon sells them for about $10. He could also try another HDMI input to see if that fixes it. It could also be an issue with his DirecTV box that received an update that could have broken 4K connectivity between the Genie box and the TV. It may also be an issue with the World Cup programming.