Why can't I download audiobooks from the Library of Congress with Internet Explorer 11?

Episode 1499 (1:42:54)

Jim from Maryland
Library of Congress

Jim has been having trouble downloading audiobooks from the Library of Congress. They just stall and he can't get the download to complete. He found out that Windows upgraded Internet Explorer and it won't download anything. So he downgraded to IE8 and it works now. Leo says he isn't sure that's a secure solution. He would recommend Edge, Google Chrome, or Firefox. But those don't support his screen reader. Leo says there may be a security setting in IE11 that prevents it from completing the download. Jim could contact the Library of Congress. Leo also recommends talking to the US Digital Service and the Foundation for the Blind to see if they can fix it. Could be something as simple as bad javascript.

Leo suggests emailing ada@loc.gov to contact them about the issue.

He can also check out the BARD Mobile app for iOS and Android. It can download those audiobooks for him.