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Episode 1499 (2:08:21)

Dick DeBartolo

Gadget one - Reviver Auto's Rplate Pro is quite unique. It's billed as the world’s first digital license plate. The Rplate Pro, is a multi-functional digital display and connected vehicle platform, offering a variety of features to make driving safer and smarter for consumers including: Automated DMV Registration – Including renewals, transfer of ownership and autopay - Parking & Tolls – Display parking permits & violations, automatically pay tolls - Safety Alerts – Including emergency, weather and Amber Alerts - Personalization – Change plate’s background color and add custom messages such as student driver, real driver or baby on board - Specialty Plate – Handicap, medical condition, senior driver, student driver etc. -Cause Plate – Support nonprofits, communities, charities and other causes with approved cause plates - Vehicle Tracking – Track your vehicle, speed and trips, and even display a stolen vehicle message - Smart Home Connectivity – Connect your Rplate Pro to interact with smart home features such as lights, garage door and security system-Targeted Messaging – Display customized messaging when the car is legally parked - Already in use in California, Reviver Auto has reached licensing agreements to bring the groundbreaking plates to Arizona, Texas and Florida in 2018. And now the bad news.They'll cost $699 for individual consumers, plus installation, as well as a monthly fee of about $7.

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- Company Website (rplate.com)

Gadget two - This inexpensive device is like a pair of sunglasses for your iPhone. With the bright summer sun shining for the exact few months, (mostly during the daylight hours) this is the ideal time to learn about the new myFlipShade from the folks at myCharge. The myFlipShade is an iPhone screen shield, privacy protector, and stand all-in-one. The shade reduces the sun's glare on your iPhone, making the myFlipShade ideal for use in the sunshine, to increase the visibility of your iPhone screen. Not only does the myFlipShade work as a screen shield, but it also works as a privacy screen and is ideal for crowded spaces such as public transport. Turn the accessory into a vertical or horizontal phone stand by folding it flat and adjusting for use. For now there is only an iPhone version. You could use it on an Android phone, but it will most likely cover your camera lens, which is not a good thing! Comes in black dot, marble white and and colorful pineapple. $9.99.

Compatibility: iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

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- Get it on Amazon (The MyCharge Gay Pride External Battery Charger is there too, but it's a limited run offer.)