Is the iPhone X camera good enough, or should I get a DSLR?

Episode 1498 (1:37:27)

Steve from Westminster, CA
Nikon D7500

Steve just became a father and wants to know how good the iPhone is for a camera. Leo says it does the job, but it's not going to be as good as a pocket camera or a DSLR. Since Ken is a Nikon user, he's going to want to stay in the family. Steve was looking at a D7500, which Leo says is good, and he was also considering the EOS 80D. Leo says the 80D is nice too, but that's Canon, so it would use different lenses. Leo says the big expense with a digital camera, and the part he'll be keeping the longest, is the lens. Lens technology isn't advancing anywhere near as fast as body technology.

Leo says he should just plan on using the lenses he has, and doesn't recommend that he get a kit lens. He should just get the body. The Nikon D7500 is a good camera.