Why can't I reinstall Windows 10?

Episode 1497 (1:52:02)

Marshall from Des Moines, IA
Windows 10

Marshall has a friend who needs to reinstall Windows 10. Leo says to download the Microsoft Media Installer and install it on a thumb drive. That will then enable him to install the OS from USB. Marshall says he's having trouble because it can't see his hard drive. Leo says that it sounds like it's a hybrid drive and Marshall may need to update his drivers in order to install. Leo says that Intel's 32GB SSDs were hybrid drives paired with a spinning hard drive. It's not a good solution at all. The OS is going to see two drives instead of one and when he goes to install, it may have issues. That's why Fusion drives don't work.

So he should erase the drives, and when he goes to reinstall Windows, he should install it on the C Drive. Then go to Lenovo's official support site and download the latest drivers. Once he gets the drivers, Windows should see the drives.