What tablet should I buy for international travel?

Episode 1496 (36:52)

Mike from Los Angeles, CA
Apple iPad Pro

Mike wants to know what he needs to use his iPad on Wi-Fi. Leo says that any iPad will work on Wi-Fi. If he has LTE, however, he could use it anywhere. But for Wi-Fi, a regular iPad will work just fine. Since Mike is traveling internationally, Leo recommends also getting a MiFi card, which he can put a local SIM in for Wi-Fi. But since Mike is in the US Virgin Islands, international data roaming won't be an issue. Leo recommends getting an AT&T carrier version of the iPad. Leo likes the iPad Mini for traveling. It's 7" and ideal. His favorite, though, is the iPad Pro 10.5". It's just the right size that it can also be used as a laptop as well.