What should I get for my first smartphone?

Episode 1496 (49:51)

Dennis from Oceanside, CA
OnePlus 6

Dennis replaced the laptop in his hard drive with an SSD and it was the easiest thing he's ever done. Leo says that's the best upgrade one can do to speed up a computer.

Dennis also wants to get his first smartphone. Leo says that smartphones will open up a whole new world, but they don't have as good reception as flip phones in poorly covered areas. What phone should he get? He's looking at one by Kyocera because it's really ruggedly built. Leo isn't a fan. Kyocera isn't on the cutting edge and they try to mask it with other features (called fins). Plus the phone Dennis is looking at is antiquated, using Android 5.1. We're up to Android 9 Oreo. So it's probably not secure either, and most apps may not even work with it. The screen is probably not that great, or the camera either. If he's on a budget, he should check out the Motorola G6 and the OnePlus 6. He shouldn't get anything below Android 7 or 8.