How can I stream Let's Play videos?

Episode 1496 (2:17:41)

Jeff from Los Angeles, CA
mouse and keyboard

Jeff streams gameplay videos on Twitch, but he can't get viewers to get advertising. Leo says that Let's Play videos are all the rage these days and he'll have to have a hook to get viewers to stick around. Promoting outside of Twitch would also help. Social media could benefit him, too.

Jeff also needs a more powerful computer. Having the best quality stream will be his best bet. He'll need a great graphics processor for his computer and a strong CPU. But Leo says that a XEON processor is even better because it's designed for hyper threading and handling a lot of video encoding and compression. AMD's Threadripper processor could be the most economical way to get the horsepower he needs. Jeff should check the OBS forums for what everyone else is using.