How can I be secure on public Wi-Fi?

Episode 1496 (16:18)

Jose from Ontario, CA
Tiny Hardware Firewall

Jose is concerned about being snooped on when using public Wi-Fi. What can he do to protect himself? Leo says the first thing to do is turn on hard drive encryption. That will keep his data safe should his laptop get stolen. But for just being on a public Wi-Fi, VPNs can be beneficial. VPN stands for "Virtual Private Network," and all of the traffic that goes through it is encrypted. It's like a secure tunnel through the internet. Most web pages are encrypted now, though, so no one could see his activity on those sites anyway.

Leo also recommends the Tiny Hardware Firewall. It's great not only for protecting his traffic, but he can also connect multiple devices. Another option is to avoid the public Wi-Fi altogether and use his own cellphone in hotspot mode. He'll have to pay extra for that ability, but it's worth it for security.