Why can't my new computer see the data on my old hard drive?

Episode 1495 (1:54:28)

Bonnie from Costa Mesa, CA
Western Digital MyPassport

Bonnie bought a new computer and plugged in her external hard drive. She can see the data on her old computer, but she can't read it on her new computer. Leo has a hunch that her WD Passport runs a proprietary utility that encrypts her data to protect it. She probably will need to install that same software on the new computer in order to see the data.

Bonnie's also used to use WordPerfect on her older computers. She doesn't want to buy another word processing program just for a few documents that she accesses, and she can't get WordPerfect to install on her new Windows 10 computer. Leo says WordPad in Windows is actually pretty good. She could also use the web-based version of Word.