Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1495 (18:24)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott has been reviewing the LG 55C8 OLED TV and he's pretty impressed with it. It has an automatic calibration utility, but you'd need the meter and software to do it. Once you have that, it will run the calibration and set your TV automatically. There is a bug, however, found by the gang at AVS Forum, but SpectraCal, the company that wrote the auto calibration app, is fixing it. The bug only affects 100% saturated colors, so it has minimum effect since content rarely includes colors that are 100% saturated. People won't see any difference. Cost of the 55C8 is about $2500. And you can get last year's model for about $1,000 less. Available now.

Read Scott's Review at here.