How fast can I overclock my processor?

Episode 1495 (1:40:22)

Bill from Vista, CA

Bill heard that there's a new super fast overclocked Intel chip at over 4Ghz called the 8086K. Leo says that K means it's unlocked so he could overclock them, but he'd need an insane amount of cooling to keep it from overheating. So he's not really impressed.

What about AMD? Leo says that AMD are the other guys, and they serve a great role of keeping Intel honest. But in the last few years, AMD is catching up on Intel as chips have hit a plateau. On paper, AMD processors are now comparable to Intel. But Leo says that if he needs that kind of performance, going with a Xeon processor is probably a better option for multi-core performance.

Leo also recommends checking out the TWIT netcast This Week in Computer Hardware.