Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1495 (2:00:07)

Dick DeBartolo

This week's gadget from Dickie D is The Padcaster Ultimate Studio, which can transform your iPad into an all-in-one mobile production studio. The company says it's rugged and versatile, so you can create professional video anywhere and anyway you want. With the included wide-angle lens, Padcaster unidirectional microphone and dual mic/headphone cable, all you need is an iPad and your imagination. Use with your favorite apps to shoot, edit and upload video on the fly – or stream live right from the iPad. The Ultimate Studio features: Padcaster Case / Wide angle lens / LED Light Panel / Unidirectional Mic / Stick Mic with Clamp System / Lavalier mic / Audio Splitter /Tripod / Green Screen / Mini Teleprompter / Backpack. $1299.99.

- Giz Wiz Video (YouTube)
- Company website (padcaster.com)
- Padcaster Ultimate Studio