Can I transfer my domain name?

Episode 1494 (1:30:47)

Lee from Panama City, FL
Address bar in browser

Lee wants to know how to register his domain and DNS so he knows he owns it. Leo says that ICANN is a non-governmental organization that handles the DNS "phone book." They maintain 13 main DNS name servers, and his domain name needs to be on one of those servers. He'll have to go to a registrar that's been approved by ICANN. GoDaddy is one such registrar, but Leo isn't a fan of it. He prefers Hover. If he wants to change registrars, he can do that. But he'll have to jump through a hoop or two to do it. But the main thing to understand is that if he stops paying the registry fee, he'll lose the domain. So in reality, he's not owning it, he's leasing it.

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