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Watch Matt from Placentia Comments

Matt's mother has dementia and has a habit of leaving the house at night. How can he be alerted when her door is open? Leo says a better option — a GPS device that she can wear. There are bracelets and watches that will broadcast her location, but she could take it off. The GPS SmartSole is a good idea. It's an insole that goes into the shoe.

To monitor the door, Leo says that the Ring Video Doorbell is a good thing because it sets off an alert when there's any movement at the door and would send him the video signal. He can also monitor anyone who rings the doorbell and answer them remotely.

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Watch Ted from El Paso, TX Comments

Ted has an external hard drive that his laptop cannot read, even though the computer can see the drive. Leo says that since the computer can see the drive, the USB connection is working. So it's likely the drive is corrupted. He can crack open the external case, and Leo recommends going to and input his drive model to find out how to fix it. Then he can connect it directly and run something like SpinRite to see if he can repair it. But it's probably just cheaper to get a new drive. This is why making more than one backup is so important.

Watch Patrick from Lafayette, LA Comments

Patrick wants to know when the new Motorola Moto Z3 Play will be out. Leo says that there are benchmark reports out there, so someone has them, but Leo says it hasn't been released yet. Leo says that Lenovo has moved the design of the Moto to China now, so we don't really know what's up just yet, or if the quality is still the same. But Lenovo has kept the ThinkPad line consistent, so that's hopeful.

The Chatroom says that the Motorola Z3 is supposed to be announced on June 6.

Watch Sam from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Sam has a Panasonic Viera Plasma and wants to know if he should repair it or replace it. Leo says that if the repair is cheap enough (like $100) then it's worth a try. Plasmas are great. But LCDs have gotten much better and with new power consumption requirements, Plasma sales dropped to the point where it was no longer profitable to make them. And now, OLED is emerging and is getting cheaper.

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Watch Ann from Anaheim, CA Comments

Ann got a new iPhone and it only works intermittently with her Mercedes SL. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The dealership says to let the car "warm up" and let it acquire it. What can she do? Leo says that Bluetooth is rather hit or miss sometimes, and in Mercedes, there are some issues with iPhones. Leo says that a car with CarPlay works best when plugging the phone into the USB port with the lightning cable. Then CarPlay will see the phone. That will probably work better. Ann should also try unpairing or forgetting the phone and then re-pairing it. That usually fixes any issues.

Watch Christian from Oconomowoc, WI Comments

Christian recently bought a Lightning to HDMI cable to connect his phone to his Roku, but it doesn't work with Hulu. It only plays the sound, not the picture. Leo says it sounds like it isn't HDCP compliant. Copy Protection is probably what he's running up against. Hulu's site says it doesn't support it. There may be a workaround, though. He should try scrubbing through the timeline. According to the chatroom, 9/10 times it will bring the video back. Another solution is to log out and log back in. But if he has a Roku device, why not just use the Roku app?

Watch G. Scott from California Comments

G. Scott is giving his granddaughter his old computer. Should he wipe it or keep an account on it so he can remote access it if needed? Leo says that if he's selling the computer to someone else, he should definitely wipe it using DBAN or even take out the hard drive. But for his daughter, it's a good question. Keeping remote access on it could be a nice thing if she needs his help. Gene could also install open source software like Libre Office, which can work for college. Office 365 would give him five installs, so he could go that way as well.

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary wants a way to share files on a one-time basis. He found a program called 1AV Share, but it wants to open a port. Leo says he shouldn't use that. It's not secure. Leo recommends Resilio Sync. When he shares a file, it will send a code and using the code, it will share the data securely. DropBox is another option. Citrix ShareFile is great if he needs to be HIPPA compliant.

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Watch Lee from Panama City, FL Comments

Lee wants to know how to register his domain and DNS so he knows he owns it. Leo says that ICANN is a non-governmental organization that handles the DNS "phone book." They maintain 13 main DNS name servers, and his domain name needs to be on one of those servers. He'll have to go to a registrar that's been approved by ICANN. GoDaddy is one such registrar, but Leo isn't a fan of it. He prefers Hover. If he wants to change registrars, he can do that. But he'll have to jump through a hoop or two to do it. But the main thing to understand is that if he stops paying the registry fee, he'll lose the domain. So in reality, he's not owning it, he's leasing it.

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Watch Tom from Burbank, CA Comments

Tom has made movies in iMovie and wants to burn them on DVD. Leo says that iMovie will encode his movie into .MOV, which is a wrapper for MP4. But when he burns a DVD, it creates a specific format called MPEG2, which is SD quality. iMovie used to have the capability to burn to DVDs, but Apple stripped it out. So he'll need a DVD burning program to do it. That program will also author the structure with menus, etc. Here are some options:

These are all under $100, but there are also free ones on SourceForge, including Burn.

Another option is to just do everything with Adobe Premiere Elements.

Watch Mark from Escondido, CA Comments

Mark has an HP laptop for a backup when his other PC is busy. The internal speakers are not working now, but USB headphones work. What can he do? Leo says that if he can hear sound through the headphones, that means his sound card driver is working. And he can't really replace the hardware anyway because it's soldered to the motherboard. The miniJack, however, doesn't work. Leo says that points to the headphone jack being broken. If he's handy with a soldering iron, he could fix it. But that also doesn't solve the speaker problem. There may be a unified connection for both the speakers and the minijack that's causing the problem. But Mark should go into the audio settings and make sure the speakers are enabled. It may must be that they aren't enabled. He can right click on the speaker icon in the lower right hand corner and make sure they're connected. He could also run the troubleshooter in the Microsoft Control Panel.

Watch Luke from Jackson, MS Comments

Luke has heard that Amazon is getting into health insurance. Leo says that they've partnered with Berkshire Hathaway to do just that for their employees. Amazon has great ambitions and it would be no surprise if Amazon is getting into that business. They want to get into everything.

Watch Mike from Murrieta, CA Comments

Mike's personal laptop was hacked by someone at work. He also believes that person is stalking him. Leo says that from a technological point of view, it would be wise to wipe the PC completely and reinstall Windows. But he'd also recommend contacting the police.

Watch Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Barb bought a Chromebook and the screen really isn't that great. Leo says that with a Chromebook under $400, corners have to be cut somewhere and it's likely the Chromebook manufacturer opted for a lower quality screen. If she paid more, she could get a better screen. The Acer 14" model Chromebook has a nice screen. Or, she could return the Chromebook and get a Chrome Box that she could use an external monitor with.